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Earthfire Pizza Oven

This handmade ceramic Beech Pizza Oven with its stylish design, allows you to experience authentic wood fired pizzas within the comfort of your home. From intimate family pizza nights to fun gatherings and gourmet entertainment, you will never want to eat pizza anywhere else! Revolutionise pizza evenings, by bringing the Beech Pizza Oven into your kitchen or onto your table. Everyone can get involved and with a pizza being cooked every 3 minutes, you get a thin, crispy base while the toppings remain delicious and full of flavour. Gather your family and friends around the table, get creative with your toppings and have fun sharing your inventions. Pizza nights just became fun and easy!
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Kamado Jan Large




Kamado JAN is a ceramic grill which uses lump charcoal to cook food either directly or indirectly.

The ceramic grill?is a traditional Japanese cooking stove. Modern versions of the cooker are now produced and sold internationally?.. and this product has literally started taking the world by storm and is becoming a worldwide phenomenon!!
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